WHAT THEY DON’T TELL YOU | Paint By Numbers Review

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WHAT THEY DON’T TELL YOU | Paint By Numbers Review



I'm sorry to hear that you did not have a nice experience with your paint-by-numbers kit. here i  give you a leaflet with detailed instructions on how to thin the (acrylic) paints, how to treat your brush (only one per kit, but made with a wooden handle),


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and how to best go about painting the picture (dark to light, background to foreground etc.).
 also i provide you with a control sheet, which is a smaller version of the picture, but not coloured in (like the one in the kit presented in this video),
so you can find the numbers on the control sheet. If your paint dries up or you run out of a colour,
you can email me in Contact Us  and reorder specific paints - I did that for one of my colours,


So, yeah - if anyone still wants to try painting-by-numbers after this little rant, Schipper might be a good place to start. Our Painting by Numbers

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